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 6 March 2015 - New forum is up!
Posted by Teezy - 03-6-15 23:41 - 1 comments
The new forum is launched! For now, the old URL should redirect you instead to our shiny new forum. If for some reason you're still seeing this version. Well, um. Refresh. Or something. THAT'S WEIRD THAT YOU'RE STILL SEEING THE OLD ONE.

This version of the forum will rema more
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 NEW FORUM SOON! 6th March 2015
Posted by Sir Dan Danielson the Third - 03-6-15 17:57 - 8 comments
Yes it's true, it's true, it's damn true, and it's been in the works for a while and I think the mass account deletion made us finally put our foot on the gas. We're going to move and redirect the AES forums to a new service called jcink.

What does this mean? Basical more
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 5 March 2015 - Formal Apology about Today
Posted by goldeneye101 - 03-5-15 16:25 - 11 comments
So to recap what had happened, A mistake happened while trying to clear out spambots. This has been an ongoing issue for a long time, and the site gets so many of them. Just the few examples of that are the new account IDs and the fact that, while validating in just the span of about 10 minutes, we more
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 5 March 2015 - Reregister your account *IMPORTANT*
Posted by DerryB - 03-5-15 15:26 - 9 comments
Uh, tl;dr everything's fine now because we know what went wrong but the member list was purged by complete accident. We know where it all messed up now so it won't happen again but yeah it means every account is deleted. WHOOPSY.

We're looking on a positive spin in that it ge more
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 The New Rules - (Please read!)
Posted by Sir Dan Danielson the Third - 01-30-15 20:28 - 8 comments
After much deliberation and after several events lately, as an admin team, we finally came to the decision that since we've expanded a great deal as a community, and are a totally different group of people than the original foundations in AES in terms of attitude, userbase, etc, we need to expa more
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 21st January 2015 - AES Awards 2014 Voting
Posted by Punker - 01-22-15 03:18 - 0 comments
Hey, guys! First off, I would like to open by thanking every single one of you who participated in the nominations process. Your opinions were highly valued and I do have to say, it was very varied.

Put simply, normally, we would be able to narrow it down to a top 5 for each category more
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 5th January 2015 - AES Award Nominations
Posted by Punker - 01-5-15 02:48 - 5 comments
Hey guys, it's that time of the year again: time for nominations for the 4th annual Armbar Error Society Awards! How can you nominate, you ask? Well, I've undergone the effort of putting together a Google Documents survey to make the process easier for collecting and tallying on the adm more
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 1st January 2015 - Awards & Admin Messages
Posted by Ross Hitchman - 01-1-15 06:33 - 7 comments
Good morning, good evening, greetings and hello, is it me you're looking for? No, well, bugger. Real talk, Happy New Year everyone! 2014 was a great year for AES - a year of revival, where everyone really put their all into getting AES back on its feet and with it, we've seen a lot of i more
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 5th December 2014 - Forum clean-up effort
Posted by Teezy - 12-5-14 19:47 - 3 comments
Heading into 2015, we've decided to make an effort to clean up the forums a bit more. Led by Dan, you may have noticed some changes already taking place.

Most notably, the old link buttons before the chat at the bottom of the forum home are gone, and have been replaced with them fan more
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 29th October 2014 - Radio Armbar Returns!
Posted by Sir Dan Danielson the Third - 10-29-14 21:16 - 10 comments
So we're finally going to have the long anticipated return of Radio Armbar LIVE! - the podcast where me and Matt (and other people) talk about e-fedding, stuff in AES and wrestling in general. Potentially I'm looking at Friday the 7th of Nov at 11pm GMT. Basically I wanted to make this more
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